We are live, come take a look!

First of all, I would like to thank you for being one of the first people to sign up to my newsletter and hopefully follow me on my journey into the world of cycling apparel. The website is now live, and I hope you have chance to check it out soon, if you haven’t already.


So, this last month has been a mad one: I’ve designed a website, been to Mallorca (Cycling) and left the security of my job to follow my passion for high end cycling apparel by setting up this website.


It was a hard decision to walk away from a job and guaranteed income but pursuing a passion is fundamental in cycling whether you’re a Pro or a weekend warrior like me.


No matter what I feel we all want to look good and I don’t think I am on my own in being bored by the mainstream bland styling that comes through from the mass market brands.


So, here you have it: Caf Cycling Apparel in its infancy hoping to grow and bring more and more unique and niche brands to the UK.


There are more clothing and sock brands in the pipeline and maybe some accessories as well.


Feel free to drop us an email, tag us in pictures and let us know what you like and would like to see more of whether it be clothing, socks, race reports or just every day shenanigans.


Thanks again for signing up and taking the time to read my first little blog. 




Caf Cycling Apparel.